Cathy Conneff

Photo: Charlie Carter 2018

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About me

I’m Cathy.

I’m an actor with bases in London, Manchester & Doncaster

I trained at Drama Studio London and was lucky enough to be a Peter Howitt Scholarship student. I also trained at Bretton Hall and Centre Selavy under John Rudlin and Ollie Crick.

I’m always on the lookout for exciting, challenging new roles in theatre, TV and film.

If you’d like to get in touch, follow me on social media or contact my agent, Jo Hole.

Photograph from April in Paris at The English Theatre of Hamburg




Still from Gulliver Returns taken by Karla Gowlett


Reviews & Awards

For her role in Sophia Lazzait
Actors’ Choice Award

Still from Poena 5x1 (or How I Came to Agree with Right-Wing Thinking) taken by Richard Davenport, The Other Richard




For bookings and enquiries please contact Jo Hole at Jo Hole Associates:



Still from The Cherry Orchard taken by Scott Rylander